Kefalonia Travel Diary 2016

Kefalonia is a Greek paradise to me. The largest of the Ionian islands and the sixth biggest Greek island (out of 250 other inhabited islands) Kefalonia is situated to the west of Athens. You may have heard of the island already, maybe from my post back in 2014? Or from the world famous 1994 book (or 2001 film), Captain Corelli’s Mandolin? or maybe even from Myrtos beach, voted one of the top beaches in Europe? Either way, this is an island you will want to know more about, it is rich in history and completely stunning.

The whole island still feels incredibly Greek, it is not a huge tourist trap (unless you head south towards Skala,which definitely feels more British!). The capital, Argostoli, has no high rise hotels or big shopping centers insight, it’s full of locals, not hundreds of other British tourists. The capital boasts some amazing places to eat, drink and sleep. Since my last visit back in 2014 lots of quirky cool bars and hotels have popped up, like the Kefalonia Grand Hotel.This hotel has a real modern Greek twist and is worth the visit (check my post out HERE).  I returned to some of my favorite restaurants like La Gondola and Pizza Al Forno and found a new place called Baroque le Bistrot, to people watch in the evening with a perfectly made latte. If you are visiting for the day, make sure you plan your trip for the evening as Argostoli comes alive at night and is a ghost town during the hottest part of the day. However, midmorning in Argostoli bay is the perfect time for turtle watching. Grab an iced frappe and treats from a local bakery and take walk along the waters edge.


After a short stay at the Kefalonia Grand Hotel we moved on to stay in an area I personally love. Lakithra is a little village that sits high up on a mountain that is overlooking Argostoli bay and the mountain range on one side and on the other Lassi and the sea. I discovered a charming villa online, Villa Mandola. I kind of want to keep it as my little secret… but it was the perfect place to stay! At the airport I was greeted by John, a very Greek looking man with the strongest Australian accent, it was such a surprise!! The villa was even better in real life, the poolside views over Argostoli bay were beautiful and extremely calming. One of the best treats was Mado’s (John’s lovely wife) homemade cooking… fresh vegetable dishes from her garden. Oh my word, it was some of the best food I had had on the island! One morning they greeted us with a fresh plate of fruit and Greek yogurt, it was perfect!  I cannot wait to go back to this villa again. 

I have visited many places on the island, but I still have more to discover… it is actually crazy how such a small island has so much to do and see. First up, let’s talk beaches… oh so many beautiful beaches. One of Kefalonia’s beaches was voted the third nicest beach in Europe, it is called Myrtos beach. I personally think its great to look at but to sunbath and swim? No way. The waves are extreme, so be warned! There is truly a beach for everyone here, I like a little more going on, where there is good food, good sunbeds, and clear sea. I tend to go to Costa Costa beach in Lassi, it has stunningly clear water and the funkiest beach bar in Kefalonia with surprisingly good food. You can try XI beach over in Lixouri, where you will find red sand or Avithos beach, which is a little quieter with local restaurants within walking distant (definitely return here for dinner too!!).

My other half, James, came with me on this trip so I had to revisit a number of my favorite places. We took a morning hike up to St. Georges fort, which has views to die for and cooled off at a local taverna, where we found a photo of the owner and Nickolas Cage from when Captain Corelli Mandolin was filmed on the island!! We also visited Melissani Cave near the town of Sami, this cave is seriously stunning. Water flows all the way from Argostoli through the cave and then out into the sea nearby (this area is featured in my outfit post HERE) The water was unbelievably clear and blue but also freezing… I got numb feet!

(Melissani Cave has been featured on Insider as well check out their video HERE)

My Top Picks;

1. Esperides, Svoronata – Perfect dinner destination.
2. Mel’s, Lassi – Great for a quick lunch.
3. Pizza al Forno, Argostoli – Always full of locals.

1. Avithos Resort, Svoronata – Brilliant breakfast and quaint buildings.
2. Kefalonia Grand Hotel, Argostoli – Modern Greek twist in the heart of the Capital.
3. Villa Mandola, Lakithra – Beautifull villa owned by a lovely family.

1. Costa Costa Beach, Lassi – Drinks are delivered to your sunbed!!
2. Baroque le Bistrot, Argostoli – In the heart of it all, with cocktails & coffee.
3. Kefalonia Grand Hotel, Argostoli – Bay views and relaxing vibes.

1. St. George’s castle, Peratata  – All ruins but amazing views.
2. Assos Village – The cutest coloured houses and fortress.
3. Sami – Where Captain Corelli’s Mandolin was filmed!


See more from my trip on Instagram… I have tons of photos from my travels that I wanted to share, find some here or here or here or even here!!!  You can also check out some of the outfits I wore… my cave explorer outfit or my silk on silk look!

Have any of you ever been to Kefalonia? or do you have a favorite Greek island? Tell me below or drop me a comment on twitter! More posts coming very soon…

Love Sophie xx

Gym Hair, Don’t Care!

HeyHolla - hair edit 16

Nothing beats a good hard training session, but one thing that can ruin it? Hair. You know those days when your hair is all over the place, getting stuck to your sweaty forehead? Or when you seriously need to wash it after your work out but ain’t nobody got time for that! Or even worse… when you take your hair out of its hair tie and you have a huge kink running around your head for the whole world (and office) to see… yep.

Gym Hair can seriously kill your post workout vibes, but that is where Hey Holla’s No Kinky Stuff hair ties come it, I am being serious when I say no more kinks! I have tried and tested these hair ties myself and I have been extremely impressed with the results. I have teamed up with Hey! Holla to bring you an amazing #heyhollaXthestylehutch Instagram giveaway to win a whole years supply of ‘No Kinky Stuff ‘ hair ties + a handy pouch to store them in! Just head over to my Instagram and follow the simple steps on my feed!

Today’s post is for everyone out there that works out hard but really needs to give their hair a little TLC. Below you will find top tips on how to keep your hair healthy, pre and post workout, food you need to add into your diet to keep your hair strong and my go to gym hairstyles!

HeyHola - hair edit 12Heyhola- hairedit 06
heyhola - hair edit 08Hey Hola - edit04

Top Tips For Healthy Gym Hair:
• Make Dry Shampoo Your BFF.
Shampooing too much can seriously dry your hair out and strip away its natural oils, so if you like to wash your hair every day after your workout… put that shampoo bottle down! and replace it for dry shampoo. Here is a great trick; put it on before your workout to prevent excess moisture building up in your hair, as no amount of dry shampoo will cover up sweaty roots after! Then you can top it up after your work out for a refresh, this trick works wonders. I love Batiste dry shampoo, either Brilliant Blondes or Tropical, both are the perfect refresh your hair will need!
• Brush It!
Did you know that your hair actually nourishes itself from its own natural oils? However, it won’t spread itself unless you brush it! Brush your hair through every morning and night to help the build up of oil on your roots and give your hair a natural shine! WIN!
• Be Picky About Your Hair Bands.
This is a big one!! Professional hair stylists, like Dana Lonato, say they constantly see breakage when their clients always wear their hair in a ponytail and pull it too tight! We tend to pick up the first hair band we see (and normally the cheapest) but the elastic can be too tight and can cause your hair harm, even more so if you workout every day. It is recommended that you try to change up your hairstyles (check out the photos for inspiration!) and swap your regular hair bands for ones that are specifically designed  to be gentler on your hair. This is why I love Hey! Holla’s No Kinky Stuff hair ties, they are perfect! My hair is seriously feeling the love from these ties, and I cannot believe that I have no kinks in my hair after my work out!
• Protect Your Scalp!
If you aren’t a gym bunny but more of an outdoorsy type; think running, cycling, hiking, team sports like football or maybe even tennis is your thing, then you need to be protecting your scalp and your hair with a UV spray! Your scalp is just as sensitive to the sun as the rest of your body, the sun can seriously dehydrate your hair… try out Korres Year Round Sun Protection.

Hey Hola - hair edit 15hey hola - hair edit 09
HEyHolapost - hairstyle03

Food For Thought.
• Protein: 
Hair is made up of a protein called Keratin. Keratin is a fibrous protein, which is known to have a long chain-like structure making the protein strong, and it also forms the main structural element of our hair. It is crucial that we have enough protein in our daily diet, otherwise, hair can become dry, brittle and weak. Keratin gives our hair its flexibility and strength which stops breakage. Chicken, soy, beans, turkey are all great sources of protein to help promote cell growth and repair.
• Amino & Fatty Acids:
Both Amino and fatty acids are essential for Keratin production. Our body cannot produce essential fatty acids, so we have to obtain them from our diet or supplements. Salmon, walnuts, raisins, pumpkin seeds and avocado are all high in amino and fatty acids and are perfect foods to add into your diet.
• Biotin:
A water soluble B Vitamin, biotin actually helps the metabolic process to break down fats, carbohydrates, and protein. Biotin is found in most food high in protein, including eggs, dairy products, and vegetables! It is essential to stop brittle hair and also helps boost its natural shine.
• Iron:
A European Journal of Dermatology reported that low iron can increase the rate of hair loss! Iron will help improve hair texture, and it increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the hair roots and scalp.
• Vitamins:
Vitamins are a very important part of your everyday diet, Vitamin B found in biotin, proteins and vegetables play a big role in the health of your hair, as does Vitamin A which encourages a healthy immune system and cell growth. Vitamin C is a popular vitamin to take, but did you know that it helps absorb iron? Try adding sweet potatoes, carrots, peppers, and green vegetables to your diet to increase your vitamin intake. Vitamin E is an important vitamin for your whole head, it is an antioxidant that helps repair, so applying to your scalp directly as an oil or taking it as a food supplement is a great idea. It will repair any damage to the follicles which in turn helps your hairs growth.

Heyhola - hair edit 11 heyholla - hair edit 14
Heyhola - Hair edit 05

Just Work It!
Post gym hair doesn’t have to be stressful anymore, thanks to No Kinky Stuff ties, you are now free to style your hair however you like. However, I thought I would share my go to hair styles for the gym and post workout throughout this post to give you all some inspiration. My quick go to look is a simple ponytail with either straight or curled hair, then post workout I love to rock the quick half up look, this keeps my hair out of my face and is a great transition style from after the gym… or try this before your workout; quickly plait your hair then set with a sea salt texture spray and you will have effortless waves after your session! Perfect.

Heyhola - hair edit 10Hey hola - hair edit 13 HeyHolapost - hairedit02

You can shop all the hair bands I have featured throughout today’s post and discover more on ••• Cosmopolitan (HERE) Black Basics (HERE) Blonde Basics (HERE) Super Sorbet (HERE) Aqua Baby (HERE) •••

I hope you have all enjoyed this post, let me know your thoughts over on twitter or tumblr! A big shout out to Hey! Holla, my collaboration partner for this post. They have been amazing to work with, don’t forget to check out their website and their Instagram. You need to make sure you head over to my Instagram and enter the #heyhollaXthestylehutch giveaway, you can win a WHOLE years supply of their seriously cool hair ties! Don’t miss out!

Sophie x



August has seriously just flown by, and I still have so many posts I want to share with you all from my trip in July! This is another look from the beautiful Greek Island of Kefalonia. We went out exploring one day, towards the town of Sammi to Melissani Cave (photos and videos of the cave will be coming very soon). The water was so clear here, but it was freezing as the water from Melissani Cave filters into this part of the ocean! A complete change from the normal warmth of the Mediterranean sea…

This location provided the perfect backdrop for this style post. My holiday style is no different from my style back in England, casual and comfortable… and I am always wearing flip flops, rain or shine! My Havaianas come with me everywhere and I had to pair them with these cute laid back shorts from Hollister and an oversized white tee from Topshop! Perfect, simple and effortless. I am also wearing a couple of new favorite pieces, the cute little elephant necklace, and two handmade anklets. There are two amazing jewellery shops on the island which I will always buy too much from every time I visit! I will tell you more about these on my travel diary post which is coming next week! I hope you all love this outfit, you can check out my other look from this trip (HERE) and my post all about the Kefalonia Grand Hotel (HERE).

Greecesnap-hairkefloniaoutfitedit05kefalonia outfit 01landscapeimage for outfitpost keflonia01hollistershortsedit01 copykefaloniaoutfitedit04kefaloniaoutfit02kefaloniaoutfitedit07

Shorts: Hollister (similar HERE) Tshirt: Topshop (Similar HERE or same material HERE) Flip Flops: Havaianas (HERE) Sunglasses: Ray Bans (HERE) Rings/Necklace: Handmade from Kefalonia & Pandora (HERE).

Do you love flip flops? If so, what is your favorite brand to wear? Let me know over on twitter! I Hope you guys liked my little holiday look, don’t forget to find me over on Instagram… I am doing an Instagram Story take over for Hey! Holla this coming week, with a post about their amazing No Kinky Stuff hair ties and a giveaway for you all to enter! It is not to be missed!!!!

Love, Sophie x

Coffee Protein Muffins


Today’s recipe is the perfect grab-n-go snack, with 8 grams of protein and just over 100 calories per muffin and no sugar (ok, a little bit of maple syrup) this little treat won’t ruin your diet. I have been struggling to get enough protein into my diet lately as I started going off meat (Don’t ask me why!) and swapping a lot of my meat based meals for vegetarian meals, which has been super easy as my mum has been vegetarian for over 20 years but I have started filling up on carbs instead, not good! That’s when I created these bad boys, with a hit of coffee and the same amount of protein as an egg, you can’t go wrong!

I am a huge fan of sugar, cutting out sugar is something I struggle with. Although I do not have sugar or syrups in my tea or coffee, nor do I add it into any of my baking or meals, I have a terrible sweet tooth. One that can only be cured by will power and G&B 70% dark chocolate, I go through good and bad patches, it is hard to tackle that sugar monster…but I will write more on sugar soon. This recipe ONLY has two spoonfuls of maple syrup and a tiny teaspoon of vanilla extract, and I have to say it was still pretty sweet due to the protein powder as well, so if you have an already sweetened protein powder or you do not want this muffins to be very sweet just add in one tablespoon of maple syrup.

The protein powder I used for this recipe is a long time favorite, PhD Nutrition Mass & Strength Pharma Whey in Vanilla Creme. If you follow me over on Snapchat @sophiehutchxx) or on Instagram stories (@thestylehutch) you may have seen me using the same Pharma Whey but in Chocolate Cookie which is my favorite flavour ever! Don’t let the “Mass & Strength” part scare you away either!! I have added in greek yogurt for extra protein as well, I love full-fat greek yogurt and it is a great ingredient to cook with.

So, this recipe is super simple to make!
• Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 4/180 C/355F and place 6 cases into a muffin tin.
• Mix your dry ingredients together; flour, protein powder, baking powder.
• In another bowl, whisk together your wet ingredients (leave milk for a moment); already brewed coffee, yogurt, egg, vanilla, maple syrup, then fold this into your dry mixture.
• Add in milk as you keep whisking. You can then add a splash more milk until you are happy with a smooth mixture.
•Add mixture evenly into each case and bake for 10-15 minutes until they have risen and are golden brown… and there you have it! Your protein muffins are ready to go…


Are you guys going to give these muffins a go?  They did not last long in my house, my mum could not stop eating them!!!! Let me know what you think in the comments below or tweet me – @thestylehutch – I love talking to you all!
Love, Sophie x

Kefalonia Grand Hotel


During my recent trip to Kefalonia, I had a very brief stay at the very new Kefalonia Grand Hotel in Argostoli. Since my last trip to the island in 2014, this beautiful hotel has popped up. I  was so glad I had a chance to stay here, mainly to witness first hand the minimalist decor. This is actually unlike any other place on the island, it has a very unique and trendy feel… very “Instagram-able”.

The decor throughout the hotel plays with natural textures and shapes which worked incredibly well when balanced with its neutral colour palette and splashes of bold black. My room was modest with a beautiful view across Argostoli bay, and I became slightly obsessed with the complementary toilets… O.LIVE is an amazing Greek brand that uses olives in all of its products (the name kind of gives it away and olives actually work wonders for your skin & hair!!) I used their body milk, shower gel, soap and hair care products and now I want some for home!

We did not have dinner at the hotel, however, we enjoyed a beautiful fresh breakfast with great coffee, a light lunch and a number of iced coffees and iced chocolates! I would highly recommend that if you are staying here to try one thing (or more) on their menu! I hope you all like the snaps I took whilst I stayed here, it was a great place to shoot!


Isn’t it a cool hotel? I found them via but they have their own site as well as Instagram! Stay tuned for my full travel diary in Kefalonia and more outfit posts from my trip, you can check out the one I have posted already right HERE! You can also find O.Live over on Instagram too, I cannot wait to get some more of their products ASAP!

Love, Sophie