Coffee Protein Muffins


Today’s recipe is the perfect grab-n-go snack, with 8 grams of protein and just over 100 calories per muffin and no sugar (ok, a little bit of maple syrup) this little treat won’t ruin your diet. I have been struggling to get enough protein into my diet lately as I started going off meat (Don’t ask me why!) and swapping a lot of my meat based meals for vegetarian meals, which has been super easy as my mum has been vegetarian for over 20 years but I have started filling up on carbs instead, not good! That’s when I created these bad boys, with a hit of coffee and the same amount of protein as an egg, you can’t go wrong!

I am a huge fan of sugar, cutting out sugar is something I struggle with. Although I do not have sugar or syrups in my tea or coffee, nor do I add it into any of my baking or meals, I have a terrible sweet tooth. One that can only be cured by will power and G&B 70% dark chocolate, I go through good and bad patches, it is hard to tackle that sugar monster…but I will write more on sugar soon. This recipe ONLY has two spoonfuls of maple syrup and a tiny teaspoon of vanilla extract, and I have to say it was still pretty sweet due to the protein powder as well, so if you have an already sweetened protein powder or you do not want this muffins to be very sweet just add in one tablespoon of maple syrup.

The protein powder I used for this recipe is a long time favorite, PhD Nutrition Mass & Strength Pharma Whey in Vanilla Creme. If you follow me over on Snapchat @sophiehutchxx) or on Instagram stories (@thestylehutch) you may have seen me using the same Pharma Whey but in Chocolate Cookie which is my favorite flavour ever! Don’t let the “Mass & Strength” part scare you away either!! I have added in greek yogurt for extra protein as well, I love full-fat greek yogurt and it is a great ingredient to cook with.

So, this recipe is super simple to make!
• Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 4/180 C/355F and place 6 cases into a muffin tin.
• Mix your dry ingredients together; flour, protein powder, baking powder.
• In another bowl, whisk together your wet ingredients (leave milk for a moment); already brewed coffee, yogurt, egg, vanilla, maple syrup, then fold this into your dry mixture.
• Add in milk as you keep whisking. You can then add a splash more milk until you are happy with a smooth mixture.
•Add mixture evenly into each case and bake for 10-15 minutes until they have risen and are golden brown… and there you have it! Your protein muffins are ready to go…


Are you guys going to give these muffins a go?  They did not last long in my house, my mum could not stop eating them!!!! Let me know what you think in the comments below or tweet me – @thestylehutch – I love talking to you all!
Love, Sophie x

Kefalonia Grand Hotel


During my recent trip to Kefalonia, I had a very brief stay at the very new Kefalonia Grand Hotel in Argostoli. Since my last trip to the island in 2014, this beautiful hotel has popped up. I  was so glad I had a chance to stay here, mainly to witness first hand the minimalist decor. This is actually unlike any other place on the island, it has a very unique and trendy feel… very “Instagram-able”. 

The decor throughout the hotel plays with natural textures and shapes which worked incredibly well when balanced with its neutral colour palette and splashes of bold black. My room was modest with a beautiful view across Argostoli bay, and I became slightly obsessed with the complementary toilets… O.LIVE is an amazing Greek brand that uses olives in all of its products (the name kind of gives it away and olives actually work wonders for your skin & hair!!) I used their body milk, shower gel, soap and hair care products and now I want some for home!

We did not have dinner at the hotel, however, we enjoyed a beautiful fresh breakfast with great coffee, a light lunch and a number of iced coffees and iced chocolates! I would highly recommend that if you are staying here to try one thing (or more) on their menu! I hope you all like the snaps I took whilst I stayed here, it was a great place to shoot!


Isn’t it a cool hotel? I found them via but they have their own site as well as Instagram! Stay tuned for my full travel diary in Kefalonia and more outfit posts from my trip, you can check out the one I have posted already right HERE! You can also find O.Live over on Instagram too, I cannot wait to get some more of their products ASAP!

Love, Sophie




Finally, the very first post from my recent trip to the Greek island, Kefalonia. This was my seventh visit to the sixth biggest Greek island, and I have some great travel, outfit and fitness posts to share with you all. Whilst you wait, you can check out my travel diary from my 2014 visit HERE.  This is just a simple and comfortable look I wanted to share, all the items I am wearing I have had for a while, but never styled them together. Check out below for outfit deals, and my giveaway update!


Outfit Details: Shorts: United Colours of Benetton. Top: Zara. Shoes: Office (HERE). Bag: Zara. Fitbit: (HERE)

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The Best Guacamole Ever.


Yes, I just made a bold statement. This is the best guacamole ever, it is simple, yet incredibly good. Store bought guacamole is full of unneeded ingredients and additives, I am always surprised that store guacamole has milk and sugar in it! So to create this clean version, start with mashing up two avocado’s and mix it up with the lime juice, move this to one side whilst you roughly chop up the rest of the ingredients. Chop according to how you like your guacamole, I like mine a little chunky! Add salt and pepper, and leave in the fridge for 5-10 minutes to let the flavours mix together.

It is the perfect addition to your tex-mex night in, or try in with your eggs in the morning to spice things up!


Let me know if any of you give this a go, it is so yummy and a must try for summer!

Love, Sophie xx

Interview: The Travel Hack

thetravelhackinterviewA travel site that has beautiful images and articles with a real life edge to them, The Travel Hack is a blog that you need to be following. The founder, Monica, started the site back in 2009 when she was travelling through Asia and Australia for two years, and today the site is one of Englands top ten travel blogs! The Travel Hack has a team of ten including cute little baby George (the 1-year-old globe trotter) and is still growing. You can find a huge range of travel topics on the website, all aimed towards affordable luxury travelling, including destination guides, blogging advice, travel hack and packing tips. I caught up with Monica, to talk about her favourite travel moments and her life as a full-time travel blogger…


Q. What is your favorite thing about travel blogging?
– There are so many things I love about being a travel blogger. I love working for myself and being able to choose projects I’m passionate about. I love the freedom and flexibility and I enjoy the creativity that comes with blogging. I love working with other bloggers and meeting people from the travel industry. But, most of all, I love the travelling! Travelling the world and then sharing my experiences with my readers is the best!

Q. You are not only a travel blogger, you freelance as a social media consultant as well, what does that part of your job entail?
– I began my career in social media management so I still work as a consultant for travel brands. I teach them how to use their social media channels effectively in order to increase brand awareness or sales. I specialise in teaching people to use social media in a time efficient way to get the most of these marketing channels without sacrificing other areas of online marketing. I promote using social media in a natural way to build a strong and loyal following. Blogging really helps as a social media consultant as I stay ahead of the social trends and can pass on any information and create new campaigns for clients.

Q. What advice would you give to those looking to start a blog?
– Don’t put it off, just start blogging! Lots of people want to start a blog but they worry about things like a blog name, design, theme, logo, and niche. The hardest part is putting your fingers to a keyboard and starting blogging. Create 20-30 blog posts and then worry about all the other aspects. Remember that very few people will see your blog for the first 6 months so this is your chance to make mistakes and write a few silly posts. Everyone did this at first!

Q. Is there a destination you are most looking forward to visiting next?
– I have a trip to Paris booked with my partner next month which I’m really looking forward to. We’re leaving our son with my parents and we’ll have a grown up weekend away for a nice change!

Q. What has been your most treasured moment while traveling?
– My partner proposed while we were in the Maldives last year and that was a very special moment. We were in our little beach villa and he called me outside to the pool. Our son was 6 months at the time and I saw he was wearing this cute little vest that said, ‘Mummy, will you marry my daddy?’ and Sam was down on one knee! It’s a moment I’ll never forget.

Q. Now you are a mum, how has The Travel Hack changed?
– The Travel Hack has changed a lot but also not changed at all. I still focus on affordable luxury and tips to make travel as simple and easy as possible. That will never change, no matter how many kids we have traveling with us! I do now have a team of bloggers who travel around the world and contribute to the blog. I outsource much more of my work and do the occasional ‘baby-friendly’ holiday. Most of my readers don’t have children but many know they’d like kids at some point in the future. Many are worried they’ll have to stop travelling when they have kids and will be restricted to CentreParcs and Butlins. I love showing people that this isn’t the case and you can still travel the world with kids. You can’t go clubbing and you’ll probably avoid fancy restaurants but, other than that, not a lot needs to change!

Q. What are your travel essentials?
– A comfy pair of shoes because there’s nothing worse than getting blisters while you’re travelling. A backpack with wheels so you can alternate between carrying it and wheeling it. A Kindle or tablet loaded with books and magazines because travelling involves A LOT of time stuck on planes and buses. A good camera to capture all of those amazing moments you won’t want to forget.

Q. Do you have a favourite travel book?
– I’m a big fan of Bill Bryson and love Down Under. I’m currently reading The Rosie Project. I’m part of a book club but I’m always so far behind. My favorite types of travel books are fictional stories based in an unusual destination. You learn all about the destination and it’s combined with a great read.

Check out Monica’s blog now: or follow along on Bloglovin’.
Check out The Travel Hack on other social sites as well, my favorite is Instagram. Follow for some seriously cool travel pictures (and some cute ones of baby George).
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Isn’t The Travel Hack so cool? #lifegoals or what? Don’t forget to follow Monica’s adventures on social media, and if you liked this interview drop me a comment or tweet me!

I am currently in Kefalonia, Greece, (for the seventh time!!) find me over on snapchat – sophiehutchxx – to keep up with my travels. My giveaway is now live as well! #thestylehutch30kgiveaway is to celebrate hitting 30 thousand followers on my health and fitness Tumblr! There is a huge stack of great well-being based prizes to be won so enter now: HERE!

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